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Residential Carpet Recycling
Recycle Your Old Carpet and Pad

Recycling used residential carpet is a way to promote product sustainability while helping to preserve landfill space.

When you recycle your unwanted or used carpet, you are doing far more than just performing a feel-good environmental exercise. Our landfills are being covered with pieces of wall-to-wall carpet, to the point that carpet and pad make up a significant portion of landfill volumes. 

"Out of the Waste Stream and into the Mainstream"

By diverting used carpet from the waste stream, CLEAR Carpet Recycling intends to prove the time has come for carpet recycling to go mainstream. As disposal fees increase and stewardship programs are put in place, the savings attained by recycling carpet and pad become even more attractive.

CLEAR Carpet Recycling views residential carpet and pad as valuable and renewable natural resources. Therefore, while reducing your waste, you are contributing to maintaining sustainability for the flooring industry. Recycling aluminum, steel, newspaper and plastic bottles is now a habit for most Americans.  Some day, maybe carpet recycling will join that list. 

CLEAR Carpet Recycling and the City of Milwaukee co-presented at this year's conference. Our presentation, titled "Carpet Recycling in the Midwest", was part of a larger discussion about increasing recycling participation and decreasing the amount of reusable materials going to landfills.  A PDF version of the PowerPoint presentation is available upon request.  Contact CLEAR Carpet Recycling if interested.

Used Carpet Pad Recycling

Recycling carpet pad is more common than carpet recycling due to the way each is made.

While it is gratifying to know your old soup can or Sunday newspaper has after-market value, keeping a 200 pound heap of used carpet and padding out of a dumpster is 2000 times more gratifying.

There are several involved and complicated steps necessary to recycle carpet.  The same is not true for carpet padding, which is a single material and therefore does not require separation or special processing.

The advent of landfill diversion for unwanted carpet and pad appears to be within reach.  Thank you for helping us get there.

Carpet recycling has been flirting with success for more than a decade.  The barriers to widespread acceptance are slowly breaking down.  Collecting old carpet, storing it in a dry place and transporting it to a full-scale recycling operation have slowed the progress.  As economies of scale are realized, recyclers have seen the potential in diverting carpet from landfills.

For more information about CLEAR Carpet Recycling, please call us toll-free at 888-461-8600 ext. 300.  If you prefer to send an This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it , our address is listed below.


Why participate in carpet recycling?

Carpet recycling is popular for many reasons. Those who have sent their carpet to our recycling center instead of to a landfill do so for a variety of reasons.  Among them:

  • Costs less to recycle than to throw away
  • Protects the environment
  • Able to recycle a reusable product
  • Creates sustainability in their flooring
  • It is easier now than ever to recycle carpet
  • Feels good about doing it
  • Saves landfill space
  • Helps to create green jobs
  • Discourages recycling laws or mandates
  • Reduces dependence on foreign oil

You may have your own reasons for having interest in recycling your old carpet.  Whatever the case, CLEAR Carpet Recycling fully supports any effort to reduce the flow of residential carpet and pad to landfills.

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We want to hear from you. Call or e-mail with your questions, thoughts or ideas about our carpet recycling program.  Together, we truly can make a difference, save our landfills, reduce dependence on foreign oil and create new jobs.

About Us

We Accept Used Carpet!

CLEAR Carpet Recycling takes used and unwanted carpet and pad for recycling. We operate with one goal in mind: to prevent as much carpet and pad as possible from being placed in a landfills.

In order for our carpet recycling effort to be successful, we make it easy for everyone to participate.

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Recycle Your Old Carpet and Pad
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